I didn’t know what to write?? so this is what i came up with

August 3, 2007 at 4:38 pm (politics, power, science)

I went through a bunch of blogs and i couldn’t think a topic to write about, I looked for a job that paid better than the one I have right now.. No Luck ..

went to through a bunch of new inventions that would be useful for the time I had off, I found a soldier robot and that made me think if this the action that would make us save our causalities that die in war zone fighting for some cause or the other, then i went through another blog that was a prayer for afghan’s and what bad is going on with them. then it hit me at last … the chemical law goes like this ( every action has a reaction ) so a robot soldier would save the armies lives in return of 10x more lives wasted on the other side.


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