Universities in Pakistan.

August 23, 2007 at 4:19 pm (Academic, debates, hundred, knowledge, mosques, pakistan, Public lectures, scholars, university)

Pakistan has almost a hundred universities now. Not one of them is world class. Truth be told, not even one of them is a real university, if by a university one means a community of scholars engaged in free inquiry and the creation of knowledge.

Take for example the Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad, reputed to be Pakistan`s best. Academic activities common in good universities around the world are noticeably absent. Seminars and colloquial, where faculty present for peer review the results of their on-going research, are few and far between. Public lectures, debates, or discussions of contemporary scientific, cultural, or political issues are almost non-existent.

The teaching at QAU is no better. Rote learning is common, students are not encouraged to ask questions in class, and courses are rarely completed by the end of the semester. This university has three mosques but no bookstore. It is becoming more like a madressah in other ways too.


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  1. maliha11 said,

    hmmm thats interesting .. thats actually true, you could say that even the university that is recognized is like a terror cell .. you shouldn’t be shown in that place after dark because its too dangerous very nice dude .. keep up the nice work, to enhance your blog do list the universities that you (think personally have visited or you have actual information about how bad they are) you know that people in Pakistan make schools and universities just for a living not as an aim or a goal its only for a monthly income, there are very few places that actually have the real goal of being an academic center and that provides its students of an atmosphere and environment that students should be provided with wither in a University or School.
    thanks for posting this thanks keep up the good work!!!
    maliha siddiqui

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