Wall’s ice cream

August 30, 2007 at 3:37 pm (brand, company, cornetto, factory, ice cream, magnum, products, Unilever)


Wall’s (Ice Cream) Ltd is the name of the company that for many years, as an independent and then as a Unilever subsidiary, made and marketed the Wall’s brand of ice cream in the UK. Originally an independent British meat producer, Thomas Wall and Son Ltd reputedly considered manufacturing ice cream in 1913 to fill in the seasonal downturn in sales of meat pies and sausages in the summer months, but the advent of the First World War prevented this. Walls was acquired by Mac fisheries in 1920 and then (1922) by Lever Brothers Ltd (together with Margarine Union, the founder company of Unilever). Ice cream production commenced in 1922 at a factory in Acton, London. As ice cream grew in significance, Unilever split the company into two, T Wall and Son (Ice Cream) Ltd and T Wall and Son (Meats) Ltd, selling off the meat company in 1994. In 1959, Wall’s doubled capacity by opening a purpose built ice cream factory at Gloucester, England. In 1981 Unilever merged T Wall and Son (Ice Cream) Ltd with Birds Eye Foods Ltd to form Birds Eye Wall’s Ltd. Following a review of production facilities, the Gloucester factory was expanded and updated, and the Acton factory was closed (“Project Phoenix” 1983). Unilever continues to use the brand for ice cream in the UK.

Whilst remaining (2006) the market leader in the UK in impulse hand held products such as Cornetto and Magnum, and creative in-home products such as Viennetta, the Wall’s brand faces severe competition from the major supermarket brands and to a lesser extent from Nestle‘s ice cream and ice lollies (absorbing the Rowntree’s and Lyons Maid brands), and Mars, spin-off ice cream products.


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Canteen Kahani

August 29, 2007 at 4:47 pm (cafeteria, Campus, episodes, ice cream, news, romance, story)

I have been lately watching the coolest t.v show ever ! “Canteen kahani” yes…!! you must be thinking whats that….??? hold your horses.

well its a new Ary Digital sitcom. The show is a glossy reflection on college life in Pakistan. There are about six main characters in this show and the story revolves around each other.

Namely : Sarmad, Jasim, Hira, Sultan the canteen guy, The mysterious girl always eating cornettos, The principle and Mrs.Rehman.

now a little about them 😉

Sarmad : nicknamed “Hero” and “Casanova’s 99th child” and the self proclaimed “Chotay Khan Sahib”. He is the kingpin, the master of the art. He can land himself anything anywhere anytime. He is the kind of guy everyone looks upto. He can slick his way out of any trouble that finds him. He can act, play, flirt, study and look uber cool, all at the same time. Talk about multitasking. He parties when he lands a girl. He parties when he manages to rid himself of one who doesn’t come up to his mark and he does it so diplomatically that any consulate general would be impressed. He does however commit the forever man-trademarked mistake of comparing women with chicks, and who wouldn’t? He holds the record for scoring an unknown girl’s number in 24 sec.

Jasim : the faithful side kick. He’s by Sarmad’s side when ever. He and Sarmad make a perfect team. They are like made for each other. Jasim can only think of getting girls. His concentration cant be split on studies and girls. He can either hold his studies or try and hold a girl. Cant juggle as efficiently as Sarmad does. He thinks and plans a lot, about how to land a girl, but his actions never materialize.

Hira : the perpetual philosopher, she seems to have her own strong views on just about everything. very few people can win an argument against her because she uses logic and rational such that the opponent wonders why it didn’t occur to them in the first place. She has managed to silent the slick Sarmad at many a times even.

Sultan the canteen guy : He s the silent observer of all the things that happen in the canteen. And is also the amplifier of all the things that happen in the canteen. He observes silently and then he sells his news to everyone and anyone. He has a treasure trove of tales of the college. He loves his wife but is scared of her. Just like any normal man would be afraid of his wife. He can start conspiracy theories and thwart them at his will. But maybe he isn’t aware of this power of his. His stay in the canteen has made him an experienced observer and an excellent commentator on what is happening and what can happen.

His words are not the ones to be ignored.

The mysterious girl always eating cornettos: Not much is known about her. We are as clueless as Sarmad about her. She does appear to love cornetto, be it choco hugs, lovpacino, flirty berry, or vanilla forever. Plus its rumored that one of her secrets of staying slim is cornettos

The principle : A dream college deserves nothing less than a dream principal. And well, lets just say God just loves kids who study. So He made the most understanding principal. He understands everything and anything you tell him. He knows kids never lie and what reason should they have to lie? They always tell the truth, and well he has such nice studious kids. A little mischief can always be ignored.

Mrs.Rehman : The bane of existence of many students. The dreaded accounts teacher. Not many dare bunk her class and even fewer survive the wrath to brag about it. She can whiz through her course in a few classes and revise it over and over and can also drag the most interesting topic for ages. Anyone found sleeping in her class jumps to ,… well, the list of endangered species.

well thats all i and everyone who have seen the show up till now knows only this much. Since only four episode have been on aired. You haven’t missed a lot and yeah to catch up on the missed episodes, you can catch them here. http://www.canteenkahani.com

Till then good byeeeee….

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